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#AnimalOfTheMonth: An Early Start for May: #SaveTheSeahorse

We are so passionate about our #AnimalOfTheMonth Project, that we just couldn’t WAIT until next week to pick out and adopt our next animal…The Seahorse! How could we resist this little adorable sea creature? So let today mark the official day we are announcing that we will #SaveTheSeahorse in the month of May.

Seahorses live in shallow tropical and temperate waters, anchoring themselves to sea grasses and coral. Their diet consists of bottom dwelling organisms, including shrimp-like crustaceans and plankton. They face threats from bycatch, incidental capture and habitat degradation. Unlike most other fish, they are monogamous and mate for life. Rarer still, they are among the only animal species on Earth in which the male bears the unborn young.

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#SaveThePenguins: Our Penguin Has Arrived!!

We were delighted that today, which just happens to be World Penguin Day, our adorable little fluffy penguin showed up in the mail!

We are thrilled to have our latest #AnimalOfTheMonth here…and we are all getting excited to adopt another species next month!

Learn more about our #AnimalOfTheMonth #SaveThePenguins and #SaveThePanda initiatives here on our blog!

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PinPoint Local’s New #AnimalOfTheMonth Initiative!

As you know this past February we started our #SaveThePanda campaign to raise awareness about the endangered Giant Pandas and the Google Panda Algorithm update. We received our little panda mascot and adoption certificate last month.

Well the whole process made us feel so good, that we decided to adopt a new animal every month!  So we are proud to announce our #AnimalOfTheMonth adoption plan!

We will adopt a new animal from WWF every month, and post the photos and adoption process on our blog and social media accounts for you to follow along. Of course we will share photos of our fuzzy little friends too!

We are excited to announce the April #AnimalOfTheMonth….

The Emperor Penguin! (#SaveThePenguins)

“Emperor penguins live on the floating ice packs and islands of Antarctica. Known as the “giant of the penguins,” an adult can grow up to four feet in height and weigh 80 pounds. Flightless and clumsy on land, these birds are most at home underwater, where they feed on a diet of crustaceans, small fish and squid. The emperor penguin is the deepest diving penguin, capable of reaching depths of 1,700 feet. Climate change and habitat loss pose the greatest risks to these remarkable birds.” – WWF

We hope that other #DigitalMedia, #LocalSEO, and #InternetMarketing Companies will join us in our efforts to protect our planet’s endangered species.

Follow along every month with our #AnimalOfTheMonth and #SaveThePenguins posts as we go through another animal adoption process!

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PinPoint Local’s #SaveThePanda Initiative (what started it all)

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Our Panda has Arrived! #SaveThePanda

Our Panda & Adoption Certificate arrived in the mail today! We are very excited to have our newest team member here. He makes for a great company mascot!

Our Panda & Adoption Certificate

Our Panda Care Package

Stay tuned for more updates on our newest team member and our continued efforts to help save the Giant Panda.

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PinPoint Local #SaveThePanda – Our Adoption Certificate!

As you know in response to the Google Panda Updates we here at PinPoint Local have adopted a Giant Panda, to help increase awareness of both the Algorithm and the Endangered Species. (Read all about it here:

We received our adoption certificate today:


For more information about our efforts, follow our #SaveThePanda updates on our Blog.


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Adopt your own Giant Panda from the World Wildlife Fund:

Breaking PinPoint Local News: Help #SaveThePanda !

Read All About It! PinPoint Local is outraged at the negative effect that Google’s Panda changes have had on the beloved endangered species: the Giant Panda. Google’s most recent update to its search ranking algorithm was released just one year ago. It was designed to reduce the number of low quality (i.e., content farms) sites online by decreasing the bad websites overall Page Rank. But page rankings haven’t been the only thing affected by these updates, nobody thought about the poor Pandas out there. Maybe they didn’t want to have an algorithm named after them; did anyone ask them about it? We know that Google claims that the name was derived from name of the engineer who designed the algorithm, Navneet Panda, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Panda remains one of the most popular animals. Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe it was planned…we may never know. In an effort to help spread awareness, PinPoint Local decided to team up with the World Wildlife Fund to adopt our very own Giant Panda, and we are calling on all other SEO Companies to do the same!

Let the algorithm to affect the search results, but keep the pandas out of it! Adopt a Panda today to show your Support!

Of course, we here at PinPoint Local are avid supporters of the new Google Algorithm and the positive changes that it has made on search results, and the active efforts that Google makes to reduce spamming sites and content farms on the web. We are fully aware that Google’s use of the name ‘Panda’ in no way affects the safety or lives of pandas. But what is harming the pandas is the loss of their natural habitat and their main food source, bamboo. This article is simply designed to educate you about the Panda Algorithm as well as the seriousness of the endangered Giant Pandas, and we aim to raise awareness of both issues. We urge you to join our efforts and adopt a panda and help save this species from extinction.

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