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Breaking PinPoint Local News: Help #SaveThePanda !

Read All About It! PinPoint Local is outraged at the negative effect that Google’s Panda changes have had on the beloved endangered species: the Giant Panda. Google’s most recent update to its search ranking algorithm was released just one year ago. It was designed to reduce the number of low quality (i.e., content farms) sites online by decreasing the bad websites overall Page Rank. But page rankings haven’t been the only thing affected by these updates, nobody thought about the poor Pandas out there. Maybe they didn’t want to have an algorithm named after them; did anyone ask them about it? We know that Google claims that the name was derived from name of the engineer who designed the algorithm, Navneet Panda, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Panda remains one of the most popular animals. Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe it was planned…we may never know. In an effort to help spread awareness, PinPoint Local decided to team up with the World Wildlife Fund to adopt our very own Giant Panda, and we are calling on all other SEO Companies to do the same!

Let the algorithm to affect the search results, but keep the pandas out of it! Adopt a Panda today to show your Support!

Of course, we here at PinPoint Local are avid supporters of the new Google Algorithm and the positive changes that it has made on search results, and the active efforts that Google makes to reduce spamming sites and content farms on the web. We are fully aware that Google’s use of the name ‘Panda’ in no way affects the safety or lives of pandas. But what is harming the pandas is the loss of their natural habitat and their main food source, bamboo. This article is simply designed to educate you about the Panda Algorithm as well as the seriousness of the endangered Giant Pandas, and we aim to raise awareness of both issues. We urge you to join our efforts and adopt a panda and help save this species from extinction.

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Why do I see different Google search results when I am on different computers?

We recently had a meeting with a franchisee who wanted to know why she saw one Google search result, and her franchise owner saw something completely different. This is a common question, so we have decided to put together this article to help explain why search results differ from one computer to another.

The most important factor is whether you are logged in to your Google account. Google has been focusing on personalizing search results, with “Search Plus Your World” and Google Ad Preferences. These new changes mean that Google is constantly trying to show you results that are relevant to your interests, your search history, age, and gender. These features change what search results display for each user.  Learn more about Google’s Ad Preferences here.

If you are not logged in, there are still other factors that can affect your search results. Your browser cookies affect your Google search results as well. Google uses the data stored in your browser history to determine your search history to give you relevant search results.

The other major factor that affects search results is your current location. Google uses your IP address to determine where you are located. This gives Google the opportunity to show you locally relative search results. For example, there are countless Pizza Restaurants and Chains, if you live in New York City and do a Google search for Pizza Restaurants, chances are you are looking for a Pizza Restaurant nearby, not one that is located in Southern California.

In short, Google is strongly enforcing a personalized approach to search results; it is a great tactic for advertisers so that they are able to reach a more engaging audience. They are also making it easier for users to find locations that are close to home. However it does have an effect on being able to duplicate search results across multiple machines.

So what steps can you take to achieve the same search results on two separate machines?

- Make sure neither computer is logged in to a Google account (nor any other Google linked account, like YouTube or Blogger)

- Clear the browsing history on both machines (you should also both use the same browser if possible)

- Change the location on both computers to match each other.


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